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Different Types Of Wasps In Florida

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Types Of Wasps, Mud Dauber
Mud daubers can be messy, but are excellent predators against other harmful pests.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Different Types Of Wasps In Florida

Florida's natural habitats can be beautiful. It can also be filled with intimidating visitors that can possibly ruin your day if you are not careful. This article will highlight the different types of wasps in Florida. Some are harmless. Some are also aggressive and unpredictable that can leave one with burning stings.

Florida wasps can come in all different shapes and sizes. While most people are scared of the mere thought of wasps, knowing about the differences of the wasps in Florida can help you figure out which ones are dangerous or not.

The Good Types Of Wasps In Florida

Many people are often way too quick to grab the wasp spray thinking wasps are nothing more than scary pesky insects. However, some types of wasps are highly beneficial to the environment and should be protected.

Mud Daubers

While mud daubers are not an aggressive species towards humans, their bites can be lethal. Mud daubers get their name from the types of nests they build which you can often see on the sides of buildings and houses, which look like little mud dwellings.

Mud daubers feed on spiders including black widows which many people find to be nuisance around the home. Additionally, they feed on nectar and can be valuable pollinators as well. If you see a mud dauber around your home, it is best to leave them alone.

Paper Wasps

You can often find a paper wasp nest hanging under eaves and outdoor ceilings. They are characteristic of their paper thin collection of hexagonal tubes. These wasps are social insects. Several wasps can live in a nest. While they are not aggressive, they will sting if their nest is threatened.

Paper are beneficial to the environment because they feed on many insects that can be harmful to gardens and landscaping, such as caterpillars and disease carrying house flies. Like the mud dauber, paper wasps are excellent pollinators as well.

Digger Wasps

Digger wasps are solitary wasps that do not live in social nests or colonies. Similar to the other two types of wasps, digger wasps feed on insects that are harmful to crops and landscaping including grasshoppers and caterpillars. In fact, digger wasps will often lay eggs near or even on their prey. When the eggs hatch, the larvae will feed on the prey.

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Types Of Wasps, Cicada Killers
While not dangerous to humans, cicada killers can destroy a lawn.

What Wasps Are Dangerous?

While there are definitely wasps that are good for the environment, there are also some that are dangerous and aggressive. If you find any wasps on your property that need to be removed, especially hornets or yellow jackets, don't try to do it yourself. Call the wasp removal experts at Super D Pest Control.

Yellow Jackets

If you enjoy hosting outdoor parties at your home, you'll want to keep a careful eye out for Yellow Jackets. They are social wasps that have large nests and are attracted to sweet foods. They are also known for their powerful and painful stings.

Yellow jackets are especially active in the late summer and early fall. If you discover a yellow jacket nest, call Super D Pest Control to have the nest relocated ethically and carefully. Removing a yellow jacket nest by yourself can be extremely dangerous.


Hornets, are an aggressive species of wasp that can be dangerous to humans. They are known for building large roundish paper nests that look like large grey footballs. They will attack humans or other animals if they come near the nest.

They typically feed on fruit and tree sap, but will also feed on live animals as well, like grasshoppers and bees. Their sting can cause a severe allergic reaction and in some cases can result in a visit to the hospital. If you discover a hornet nest near your home, call Super D Pest Control for safe removal

Cicada Killers

Cicada killers generally will not attack humans. However, they will screw up your lawn. In order to lay their eggs, cicada killers dig large burrows in the ground resulting in unsightly holes in your yard. These burrows can kill the surrounding grass and other plants.

The presence of cicada killers can also attract other burrowing pests such as moles and voles, which feed on the larvae. If you are committed to having a healthy lawn, be sure to have any cicada killer burrows safely removed by Super D Pest Control.

Let Super D Pest Control Help Control The Different Types Of Wasps Around Your Home

There are many different types of wasps in Florida. All of them benefit the environment in their own way. However, there are definitely a group that can pose a danger to people and pets. Keep the aggressive stinging pests at bay and call Super D Pest Control to have them removed safely fro your home. Call us at (727) 433-5310 today or click the "Let's Chat" tab below to schedule an appointment.

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