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South Florida Cockroaches Are Still Active During The Winter

Super D Pest Control, Sarasota, Florida, South Florida Cockroaches
South Florida Cockroaches have been known to carry up to 33 different kinds of harmful bacteria.

Learn More About Why The Cool Winter Months Aren't Enough To Stop South Florida Cockroaches From Invading Your Home

One of the most well known pests to the Sarasota, Florida area is the American Cockroach. They are sometimes referred to as the south Florida cockroaches or palmetto bugs. These insects have lived on earth for millions of years, coming to life during the hot humid months. This particular species is a master at adapting to its environment and changing its behavior in order to survive. However, if it prefers the warm humid climate, why do we still see these creatures in the winter.

How Does Climate Affect South Florida Cockroaches?

The American cockroach can be found, literally, everywhere throughout the world. However, they seem to be most populous here in Florida. Unlike the rest of the United States, winters in Florida are relatively mild. Low temperatures range from 70 °F degrees in Key West to 50 °F in Tallahassee. Since the southern tip of Florida is closer to the equator, temperatures are obviously warmer, which provide a thriving environment for pests looking for a damp humid home.

South Florida cockroaches can survive without water for up to one week (they can also survive without a head). Even here in the Tampa Bay region, water can be a scarce resource for cockroaches during the winter months.

Roaches can survive in temperatures as low as 25 °F and while it is uncommon to experience temperatures that low here, we still do get some pretty chilly cold fronts moving through. In addition to low water supplies, the colder temperatures tend to cause a slow rate of reproduction.

As a result, cockroaches will seek out warmer environments, which means they are likely to find a home indoors or areas with a lot of sewage. In fact, many Floridians report roaches in their drains during the winter. Either way, a south Florida home is the perfect escape for roaches during the winter.

How Do I Protect My Home?

While roaches may try to invade your home during the winter, you still have the ability to keep them away. It requires you to be proactive before they grow in numbers. Check areas where there might be a lot of moisture, such as under sinks, under the refrigerator and behind the dishwasher.

Roaches don't need much space to creep in. They can squeeze their bodies as flat as two stacked pennies. So, be sure to check gaps under doors and make sure windows are secure by sealing any opening around window screens. Double check your dryer vents and any pipes leading to the outdoors.

Call Super D Pest Control For Protection Against South Florida Cockroaches

If you discover that you may have an infestation in your home, a professional cockroach extermination plan may be required. For more information on how to protect your home from roaches or any of our other pest control services, call Super D Pest Control today at (727) 433-5310 or contact us using the "Let's Chat" feature below.

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