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Spring Pests in Florida and How To Control

Spring season is neither too warm or too cold; it brings rainy evenings and blossoming flowers. As the temperature gets warmer, many insects and bugs stop hibernating and start to come out. Florida is an amazing place to live, however, during spring season one must be fully prepared to face the pests and bugs as they are very common this part of the country. Here are some tips that will help you to control pests in your households:

1. Check all corners and walls for any holes. If you find any, seal it right away, because these tiny holes are the major entering points for insects like fire ants.

2. Inspect everything that you’re bringing inside the house. Once going through all the trouble of sealing interior and exterior walls, make sure that you are not the one who is bringing pests and

inside the house yourself. Check all the boxes and cartons you bring thoroughly. Also, after entering the house, clean your shoes or take them off outside the house. Inspect and clean food containers on weekly basis. Food containers are likely to catch pests and insects so be very careful around your pantries. Super D Pest Control will inspect all areas for you during treatments we spray Eco friendly Pest Control at the interior and exterior of property with spraying all entry ways. By calling us we offer a free no obligation pest control inspection. Call or Text 727.433.5310

3. Clean kitchen before going to sleep and also do not leave food or snacks out. Food items attract insects and bugs the most. You do not want to lure pests by leaving your food out in the open. Always cover them in air tight jars or keep in refrigerator.

4. Keep quarterly or yearly Pest Control done in your house. Even after all the precautions, some pests tend to find their way inside your homes. Therefore, contact Super D Pest control and hire us to inspect your house thoroughly so you are not surprised later on by pest and insect visits Call Today 727.433.5310 No Obligation! No Contract!

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