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Tips For Fall Lawn Care In Florida

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Fall Lawn Care
It is important to adopt good fall lawn care habits for your Florida home.

Fall Lawn Care Is A Surefire Way To Keep Pests Away From Your Home And Your Yard

It's October and the cool weather is right around the corner here in Florida. In between beach days and barbecue, you have worked hard taking care of your lawn. Keeping up good fall lawn care habits will ensure you get through the winter months with a pest free and great looking yard.

Prepare For Winter With Solid Fall Lawn Care Habits

Even here in Florida, winter can do a number on your lawn. A lawn that isn't getting the proper lawn service it needs can succumb to frost and low temperatures. If the grass is too short, the roots won't be hydrated and a cold ground can suffocate the roots. Once that happens it becomes a breeding ground for destructive pests.

Easily enough, in order to prepare for winter, all a homeowner has to do is modify their summer schedule just a bit. Here are five easy things you can do to prepare your lawn for winter.

Water Your Lawn Only When Needed

The hot months are over and you no longer need to worry about whether your grass is suffering from the heat. When the cool weather rolls in, it tells the grass to begin to go dormant. As a result, the grass tends to suck up less water and nutrients. That means reduce the amount you water your lawn to prevent over watering it.

Mow Your Grass Once Every Two Weeks

In summer and spring, the growing season for grass is at its peak. Mowing the grass once a week is a common activity. When grass goes dormant in the winter and fall, it grows much slower. Mowing every two weeks is a better schedule for your lawn. It might even need mowing every three or four weeks depending on weather conditions.

When you do mow, be sure to set your mower to a higher cut. Only remove the top 1/3 or so of the grass blades. Especially during the winter, root development is important. The longer the grass, the longer the roots. The longer the roots mean you will have a healthier looking lawn come spring time.

Pick Up And Remove Any Debris

Some say that raking is a waste of time as leaving debris on your lawn is good for it. Technically, there is truth to that thought as dead leaves can give the soil much needed nutrients for a healthy lawn. However, too much debris can suffocate the grass and attract lawn destroying pests such as grubs and cinch bugs. So, be sure to rake your yard of leaves and debris as part of your fall lawn care routine.

If you want to take advantage of adding the nutrients to the soil, shred the leaves you rake up and scatter the fragments across the lawn. It acts as fertilizer and is a natural way to ensure your lawn stays strong and healthy through the colder months.

Don't Fertilize During The Fall Or Winter

During the fall and winter, don't be surprised if your grass looks a little dry and sparse. You might be tempted to fertilize to help, but don't! Fertilizer helps plants wake up and grow. This is ideal in the spring and summer months. However, when you wake up grass in cold temperatures, it will die.

Hire A Fall Lawn Care Pest Control Professional

At Super D Pest Control, we have been helping lawns all across Tampa Bay look great all year round. In addition to our host of pest control services, we can provide lawn care through the entire year, winterize your grass and help keep pests away from your yard and your home. Call us at (727) 433-5310 today for a free consultation or contact us on our website below. We look forward to giving you the best lawn in the neighborhood!

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