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Earwig Removal

Offering Florida Residents Earwig Removal Services For Your Home and Garden

What Is An Earwig?

Earwigs, also known as forficula auricularia, range in size from ¼ - 1 inch long. They have long, flat bodies with colorings of pale brown with dark markings to a reddish brown-black color. These insects can look intimidating because of their pinchers projecting from their abdomen. Earwigs are predominantly nocturnal and just like cockroaches and centipedes, they love moisture and humidity, typically feeding on a variety of insects and plants. 

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, FL, Earwig Removal

Are Earwigs Harmful?

Earwigs are not poisonous nor do they spread disease but when populations of earwigs are out of balance, they can cause havoc to your garden eating the leaves of lettuce, as well as your fruits and vegetables. You can find them outside under piles of wet leaves, in mulch and soil, even lawn chairs. You will also find them around air conditioning units, under your home and they can enter through exterior cracks. Some species produce a foul smelling liquid as a defense mechanism but they are more of a threat to garden plants than to people. There is a superstition that earwigs crawl into people’s ears while they sleep… but we are here to tell you, that is just a myth and it does not happen. For the most part, earwigs are harmless to humans. 

Is Earwig Removal Difficult?

If you find earwigs in your home or garden, there are several options for earwig removal. Eliminating their hiding spots is a start to prevent problems in the future. Removing leaf or mulch piles, and excess vegetation from the property can also help. To help ward off moisture build up, check to make sure gutters and downspouts are clear and draining properly. Sealing and using a caulk to fill any holes and cracks around the foundation of your home is an excellent prevention method and will help with your earwig removal. However, because earwigs are prone to moist environments, if you see an infestation in your home, it could be a sign of a larger problem such as leaky plumbing or mold behind the walls.

Call Super D Pest Control For Extra Help With Earwig Removal

Take control of your earwig infestation and other pests with Super D Pest Control. We are a family owned and operated pest control business proudly serving in Florida. We can tackle all your pest control needs including termites, bedbugs and, of course, earwig removal. Our comprehensive pest control services will revive your ‘home sweet home’ and make your home more enjoyable for you and your family. Contact us today to schedule an inspection for earwig removal 727-433-5310. Don’t let pests affect your quality of life. 

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