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Your Pest Control Experts

Super D Pest Control is locally owned and operated and provides expert pest control services right here in Pinellas and Manatee counties. We use industry leading products and eco-friendly techniques to ensure your home is free of pests that can be harmful to your house and your family's health.

Flexible Pest Control Scheduling

Our team can work around your busy schedule to treat your home or company on a monthly or quarterly basis or whatever works best for you and your family. When you call Super D Pest Control, you'll be getting the very best service and protection from harmful pests including:

We take pride in controlling Florida's wildest pest problems and over the years, have created healthy homes and beautiful lawns for our clients.

What Can I Expect From Super D Pest Control?

For our termite services, we use the industry's best termiticide to rid your home of wood destroying organisms and subterranean termites, which can destroy your home. Many types of insects can also destroy your lawn. Our scheduled lawn fertilizer service helps to rid your yard of destructive pests leaving you with a lush, beautiful green lawn.

Consultations are always free and if follow up services are needed between scheduled maintenance is performed at no additional cost to you. Our pest control experts are committed to providing exceptional service at affordable prices.

Super D Pest Control, Pest Control Services

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Super D Pest Control takes Pest- Prevention to a whole new world. Our green products are effective on pests indoors and outdoors. Protecting the pests that are helpful, our environment and family health. At Super D Pest Control we care for your family and animals. We value family time, that means our Super Family is important to us. Each and every  member is treated as we treat our own. Our products are friendly for the whole family!

What Kind of Pest Control Services Do You Offer?

Pest Control Services

At Super D Pest Control you get quality service from expert technicians. Our scheduled services address a number of annoying and harmful pests for the home and commercial properties including fleas, ticks, earwigs, roaches, bed bugs and more. Our scheduled treatment plans offer year round protection.

Rats, Mice and Other Rodent Control

Rats and mice thrive in Florida's warmer climate. So, we naturally have an abundance of them. Year round rodent control service is one of the most important services we offer to keep your family safe. 

Lawn Fertilizer Services

Florida residents are passionate about a healthy lawn. Our lawn fertilization services help rid your yard of harmful destructive insects and provide you with a lush green yard. Our technicians use the industry leading granular and liquid fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides for your yard. Our lawn services include:

Termite Treatment

For years, we've protected thousands of homes from destructive termites and wood destroying organisms. Unfortunately, Florida's warm humid climate is a haven for termites. At Super D Pest Control, eliminating termites and wood destroying organisms is our top priority. Our termite treatment services include:

  • Subterranean Termite Treatment

  • Dry Wood Termite Treatment

  • Spot Treatments

  • Termite Warranty Bonds

Mosquito Control

Nothing drives Floridians indoors quicker than a pack of hungry mosquitoes. However, mosquitoes are more than just annoying. They pose a danger to your family's health. We can help you identify common breeding areas around your home and treat the grounds to help eradicate these pests and make your home a mosquito free zone.

Call Super D Pest Control Today

At Super D Pest Control our extermination process is fast, effective and affordable. We believe very strongly in the pest control services we provide to residents and businesses in Pinellas County and Manatee County. We offer the very best service in the area. Call us today for a Free Consultation at (727) 433-5310 or book an appointment through our website here. We look forward to serving you!

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