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Mosquito Control By Super D Pest Control

Your Florida Mosquito Control Experts

Florida is home to many species of insects, but among the most annoying and harmful are our 80 species of mosquito. Mosquitoes feed themselves with plant nectar and water, they only use blood to produce and nourish their eggs. Consequently, only female mosquitoes bite. Mosquito bites may be a nuisance, but they can also cause harmful diseases such as Zika, the West Nile Virus, and dengue fever. Controlling mosquitoes is important for your enjoyment of the outdoors and the health of your family. Contrary to myth, mosquitoes
do not die after biting someone.

Basic Outdoor Mosquito Control

In many cases, basic mosquito control can be handled by the homeowner. Mosquitoes breed in standing water. Common mosquito breeding locations include birdbaths, gutters, unmaintained pools, discarded tires, flower pots, retaining ponds, and anywhere else that still water may be left to stagnate. Mosquito populations can be reduced by eliminating as many of these types of sources of standing water as possible. For example, frequently changing the water in birdbaths, keeping gutter drains clear and dumping water from any objects in which it can accumulate.

Basic Mosquito Control Indoors

For some home owners, mosquito control may be necessary inside the home as well. Home owners want to make sure screens are in good repair and that there are no places indoors where they can breed (plant pots with water gathered in the base are common places for indoor mosquito breeding). While mosquitoes commonly derive their nutrition from plant nectar, a female mosquito can live indoors for up to three weeks from the blood of a single bite if necessary. If mosquitoes become established in the home, vulnerable family members such as the elderly, infants, and young children should be protected with mosquitoes netting around beds and cribs, and those older than infants should be protected with repellent until the indoor mosquitoes are eradicated.

Super D Pest Control Mosquito Control

Super D Pest Control Mosquito Control Services

Many species of mosquitoes are most active in the hours just before dusk and after dawn, and exposure to them can be reduced by remaining indoors at those times. Exposure to mosquito bites can also be reduced
through wearing long sleeves and pants and wearing repellent during times when mosquitoes are known to be active.

Backyard Barrier Mosquito Control

A mosquito barrier is a type of mosquito control offered by Super D Pest Control. It can be an effective way to significantly reduce the mosquito population in your backyard. Our barrier protection has lasting effects. When one of our pest control technicians come to your home for mosquito control, we develop a plan of attack. We focus our treatment on all the areas that mosquitoes hide and breed during the day. As a result, our treatment can eliminate up to 90% if the mosquitoes from your yard. Our barrier protection is safe for plants and pets, helps keep mosquitoes at bay for up to 21 days.

Special Event Sprays

If you are planning a special event such as a wedding, graduation party or outdoor birthday, the team at Super D Pest control can help make sure your party won't be ruined by flying biting pests and mosquitoes. Our special event mosquito control spray will eliminate, or at least, drastically reduce the number of mosquitoes flying around the food or biting on your guests. We schedule our service before any food is served to avoid any contamination.

Misting Systems Mosquito Control

When it comes to mosquito control in Florida, the best thing you can do is prevent breeding by eliminating standing water around your home. Covering your skin while outdoors is also a recommended form of protection against Florida's mosquitoes. Super D Pest control offers automatic misting systems for an additional layer of protection for those living in high risk areas including St. Petersburg, Bradenton and Sarasota, which is home to up to 38 different species of mosquito. Our misting systems help break the life cycle of disease carrying mosquitoes and make your yard a safer place to be.

Natural Ingredients For Mosquito Control

For those looking to avoid synthetic chemicals, Super D Pest control offers all natural treatment options for effective mosquito control around your home. Like for our barrier treatments, we will apply our all-natural mosquito control treatment in areas where mosquitoes gather around the home. Our natural treatment protects your yard for up to 14 days. Our technicians will a treatment plan to protect your home every two weeks during the most active times in Florida's mosquito season.

The Super D Pest Control Difference

Our mosquito control treatments can eliminate 75% to 90% of mosquitoes around your home. No matter what treatment option you choose, your satisfaction is important to us. Use the contact form below or call us today at (727) 433-5310 so we can determine what the best option is to protect your property and your family.

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