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Spider Pest Control

Long Lasting Spider Pest Control In Tampa Bay

While many people are scared of spiders, the truth is hat most spiders are actually fairly harmless. The majority of spiders can't pierce the skin and don't have any toxins. However, here in Florida, our state is home to a few spiders that can be dangerous to people and pets, like the black widow, and others that can give a painful bite or simply just leave unattractive webs everywhere. Our spider pest control service can help keep spiders out of your home and dangerous spiders away from your property.

When outside, spiders are actually very good for the environment. They feed on other pests such as cockroaches and mosquitoes, which are known to carry disease to humans. So, they help keep these nuisance pest populations under control. However, when spiders decide to move into your home or even when black widows are living on the property, they can become a worrisome pest.

About Super D Pest Control's Spider Pest Control Services In Tampa Bay

Spider problems are best addressed by our pest control maintenance program. By treating the home, we can create a barrier around your property that helps keep spiders and other pests such as cockroaches, fire ants and fleas and ticks at bay.

Our maintenance plans are also designed to rid your home of black widows. We can remove webs and address typical hiding spots for these and other dangerous types of spiders such as wolf spiders and brown recluses. On going pest control maintenance will help keep your home pest free year round.

Our spider pest control insecticides are safe to humans and are designed to prevent spiders from living on your property instead of killing them. We also can help close any small openings to your house that will help keep your home spider free. Our outdoor treatment will specifically address problems with venomous spiders while leaving harmless garden type spiders alone.

Super D Pest Control, Spider Pest Control

Do I Need Spider Pest Control?

There are over 35,000 known species of spiders and hundreds of them live right here in Florida. As frightening as spiders seem, most of them are harmless to people. Spiders provide nature's best natural pest control by eating flies, mosquitoes and other disease carrying pests. The problem arises when spiders get into your home. This could mean several things:

  • You have several small openings in your home that spiders can access easily.

  • Spiders tend to go where the food is. So, you actually might have a problem with another kind of pest.

  • Spiders are natural hiders and it is likely you have more than just a few spiders in your home.

  • If you have an overwhelming fear of spiders, seeing just one can likely cause heavy anxiety.

Some spiders create webs high up and other hunt on the ground. It is important to remember though, that all spiders, even black widows, are good for the eco-system.

But there are spiders that do bite here in Florida, which can lead to itchy red bumps on the skin or in the case of black widows, may even cause days of painful discomfort, and can even be fatal to certain individuals with sensitivities.

If you see one or two spiders in your home, it is likely that you probably do not have a major spider problem. However, if you see spiders on a fairly regular basis, there may be cause for concern.

The experts at Super D Pest Control are effective at getting rid of spiders in your home fast. Our internal and external home treatments will create a barrier around your property that can help prevent the spiders from returning.

Call Super D Pest Control For Help With Spider Control Today

Super D Pest Control is family owned and operated and serves the greater Tampa Bay area including St. Petersburg, Bradenton and Clearwater. We provide the same expertise as the major chains except with personalized service that many companies are too large to provide.

If you are experiencing a problem with spiders or any other pests, please call us at (727) 433-5310 to set up an inspection or contact us through the form below. We look forward to serving your pest control needs safely and effectively.

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