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Tree Injections

Control Harmful Tree Pests and Infections With Our Tree Injection Services. 

Our tree injections service is an alternative way of controlling insects that feed off of trees. The tree injections have become favored as a way of controlling harmful pests to your home and yard due to the precise method of application. It not only benefits the environment, but also keeps children and animals at play safe. Only the insects that feed off of the tree are affected. therefore it's safer for other surrounding wildlife.

How Do Tree Injections Work You Ask?

The insecticides we use at Super D Pest Control are directly placed into the trunk of a tree and absorbed. Moving the insecticides quickly throughout the structure of the tree very similar to a vaccination in people. Not only do the injections keep unwanted pests away, they can treat existing diseases in the infected trees as well. Just like a vaccination as the prevention of tree disease. 

What Are The Advantages Of Our Tree Injections?

  1. Quick! Starts working and moving immediately throughout the tree. Giving the tree the speediest probabilities for healing.

  2. Weather Resistant! Rainy season is right around the corner. Any day can be a rainy day here in Florida! With direct tree injections, there are no problems with any runoff, wash off or dilution of the treatments. 

  3. Environmentally Safe! With direct and specific tree injections targeting the pests infesting the tree and not other helpful and friendly insects. 

  4. Targeted! The injections go where they need to, and not where they don't. Further protecting our beautiful environment, ourselves, families and our pets. 

In severe cases these treatments are done annually. In other instances, the treatments are maintained every two or three years. Our well trained and knowledgeable Super D Pest technicians will inspect your infected trees and provide information on what's best for your particular situation. Tree injection treatments are not a "one size fits all" treatment. Once one of our technicians diagnose the issue, they can begin with treating an infected tree right away and set up a maintenance program to prevent additional infections.

Don't Let Your Trees Suffer From Infection and Infestations Any Longer. Call Super D Pest Control Today.

We are number one in the pest control business specializing in tree injections from harmful pests like termites, pine bark beetles and others. If left untreated, pests that damage your trees can spread to your house or even create an unsafe environment on your property causing injury to your family and pets. If you are a home owner in Tampa Bay and suspect you may have trees with an insect infestation, you may need to have your trees treated immediately in order to save them. Call Super D Pest Control today at (727) 433-5310 for a free consultation on all your Tampa Bay pest control services needs or contact us online below. We look forward to serving you.

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