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Silverfish Removal

Our Super D Pest Control experts are here to help you with silverfish removal

Silverfish are common household pests here in Florida. They are not fish at all, but are small wingless insects with a flattened, slender, teardrop like shape. They get their name mainly from their silvery metallic like color. However, these creepy looking insects can also have a white to brownish grey look or a bluish silver color and are approximately 12-19 millimeters in length. Due to the humid climate here in the Tampa Bay are, they are one of the most prevalent pests found in homes.

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, FL, Silverfish Removal

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

While they are not harmful to humans, silverfish are much more of a nuisance than a danger. Similar to cockroaches, these insects will feed on starch filled products found commonly in your home. They feed on things such as books, clothing, stored food in pantries, old cardboard boxes, old family photos and unprotected valuable documents. They will make a meal out of glue too, especially the kind used in hanging wallpaper or book bindings. They are nocturnal insects causing most of their destruction at night. These insects like to live where it's damp and dark. So, you will likely find them in places like pantries, garages, attics, bathrooms and sheds. 

Is Silverfish Removal Difficult?

Because silverfish thrive in areas that are humid and damp, you can help eliminate these pests by decreasing the humidity in your home. This can be as easy as making sure shower curtains are closed to dry out completely in your bathrooms, keeping your AC thermostat at a minimum of 78 degrees and even placing those packets of silica in your food pantries.


Also, the fact that you have an infestation of silverfish in your home could be a sign of a bigger problem. Leaky pipes and moisture behind walls can create ideal breeding grounds for silverfish. If you see several of these inspects, you will want to have your home inspected for leaky pipes or tested for mold. The use of a dehumidifier in problem areas can also be beneficial for silverfish removal. Lastly, check for cracks and holes in walls and seal them immediately. 

Do I Really Need A Pest Control Company For Silverfish Removal?

Fighting silverfish with "do it yourself" products can end up being an uphill battle. Initially the treatments appear to be successful. It is however very likely that re-infestation will occur. Silverfish are usually a symptom of a larger issue and the typical homeowner will likely find these do it yourself techniques are not sufficient enough to permanently end an infestation of silverfish.

If you see silverfish in your home, call the pest control experts at Super D Pest Control. We can come out and perform an inspection of the problem and provide expert guidance on the proper steps needed to take care of the problem and eliminate these nuisance pests from your home for good.

Silverfish Removal To End Infestations Permanently

If you are having a problem with silverfish, call us today. We will be sure to send a technician out to inspect your situation within 24 hours. Once we have performed an inspection, we will be able to provide you with an option to eradicate these pests within 48 hours.

All pest problems are different. So, we always begin the process with a free and thorough inspection of the problem. We start with a complete analysis of your home inside and out. We will provide a detailed report which identifies the sources and habitats for your silverfish infestation. We use this report as the foundation for our treatment plan to eliminate the infestation.

From termites to bed bug treatment, we are your pest control experts. Call Super D Pest Control at (727) 433-5310 today to schedule your free inspection or use the contact feature on our website below. We are experts at silverfish removal and are here to help serve you and protect your property from these destructive pests.

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