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Rodent Control and Trapping

Rodent Control Plans For Homes And Businesses

Having a rodent in your home or business can be more than just a shocking nuisance. Rodents are extremely destructive and dangerous. If you have a rodent infestation in your home, it must be taken care of immediately to avoid the dangerous transmission of several kinds of disease and bacteria in Florida, as well as causing damage to your property. With hurricane activity on the rise in Florida, rodents are becoming displaced from their regular habitats and are increasingly integrating with humans. From rats to aggressive squirrels, Super D Pest Control can provide effective rodent control in one shot or we can put together a maintenance plan to help eliminate all pests from your home or business on a monthly basis.

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What Type Of Rodents Do We Control?

The order of rodents is comprised of over 2,000 species of animals. However, here in Florida, we are mainly concerned with the trapping and elimination of only a small group of rodents including rats, mice and squirrels.


Rodent control can be a challenge with rats because they are very good at finding hard to reach places in order to stay safe from humans including attics and underneath porches. Many have even been known to burrow under concrete slabs in order to build a home. Rats are a very intelligent species of rodent and are known to be wary of changes to their environment. They will typically avoid anything that appears as new to their surroundings which can include traps, baits and other forms of rat control.


Mice are smaller than rats and are curious by nature, which makes them easier to control. However, mice are fast multipliers. They can start breeding at only 6 weeks. So, if your control methods happen to miss a few, it is easy to have a big problem on your hands very quickly. The professional rodent control experts at Super D Pest Control can help you develop a plan to get rid of you mouse problem quickly and efficiently.


With their bushy tails, squirrels may look adorable, but if one gets inside your home, it can cause unbelievable damage to your home. Squirrels constantly need to chew in order to keep their teeth sharp. Inside your home or business they are known to chew through electrical wiring, duct work, dry wall and even support beams. They are known carriers of disease and bacteria as well, just like rats. At Super D Pest Control, we can humanely trap squirrels from your home and rodent proof your property to prevent further infestations.

Super D Pest Control Rodent Control Solutions

Do you hear scratching around inside your walls or the ceiling? If yes, you may have a rodent problem. Contact our rodent control experts today to check and eliminate rodents from your home or business once and for all. We will perform an inspection to determine what the areas of activity are and the entry points. Depending on the extent of your infestation, we can usually eliminate the problem in one visit. However, we often suggest a plan that includes follow up visits to ensure the prevention of further problems.


Our rodent experts can use a host of mechanical devices designed to humanely trap and remove rodents from your property based on where they are hiding in your home or business.


For most businesses and some homes, we will set up monitoring stations around your property to check the status of the infestation and to determine that the problem has been eradicated.


In most cases, we can work to cover up vents and crawl spaces to prevent rodents from returning to the interior of your home. However, upon inspection, we determine severe damage to your home, we will likely refer you to a contractor specialist for repairs.

Call Us Today For A Free Inspection

Super D Pest Control proudly protects homes and businesses in the Tampa Bay area including Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa and the surrounding areas. If you have a problem with termites, roaches, fire ants, and especially rodents, call us at (727) 433-5310 or use the contact us form at the bottom of your screen to schedule a free inspection of your pest control issue. We look forward to serving you.

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