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Fire Ant Control

Offering Florida Residents The Most Comprehensive Fire Ant Control Services

Florida residents probably know the intense pain associated with being bitten by a fire ant. If you have been bitten by one, chances are you are getting bitten by several, especially if you are standing on or near a fire ant nest. Fire ants are territorial by nature and will attack in swarms when anyone is near their nest. Super D Pest Control's lawn fertilization and fire ant control services are critical in order to protect your family and pets. If you discover a fire ant nest on your property, do not hesitate and contact Super D Pest Control immediately for help. Any Florida resident knows the harmful impact of these pests. If you have a problem with fire ants, we can help create a customized maintenance program that is tailored specifically to your needs. Your home is your largest investment. It is important to make it a safe and healthy home for you, your family and pets.

What Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants are small ants appropriately red in color. They are an invasive species that are not originally native to Florida. They were brought here to America sometime in the 1930's on merchant vessels coming from South America. Florida's warm climate has unfortunately allowed them to thrive abundantly here in our state. While their activities tend to slow down during the colder months, fire ants are considered a year round pest because our temperatures here in Tampa Bay are not cold enough to kill them in winter.

Fire ant nests are very noticeable. A typical nest consist of a dirt mound around three feet wide and up to a foot tall. A nest this size can be home to over half a million fire ants. If these nests are not properly managed, several nests can start to pop up in a single yard and quickly grow out of control.

How To Control Fire Ants

If you see fire ant mounds on your lawn, your first instinct may be to use over the counter insecticides to help solve the problem. However, fire ants are tough and while there are a few solutions that work, many can actually cause the colonies to split and turn a bad problem into something much worse.

Your best method for fighting fire ants is to call the fire ant control experts at Super D Pest Control and let us take over. With several years of experience fighting termites, roaches and other Florida pests, we can easily take care of your fire ant problem pain free.

How Dangerous Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants have a very strong venom. While extremely painful, a bite will not do any major damage. However, for those that are allergic a bite can bring extreme swelling and anaphylaxis, which can be deadly if medical treatment isn't obtained immediately. Some eye opening facts about fire ants include:

  • Fire ants are extremely aggressive insects and will attack with the slightest disturbance

  • One fire ant queen ant will lay approximately 1,500 eggs per day

  • Fire ant nests can exist under ground beneath sidewalks and your driveway

  • Millions of people are bitten by fire ants every year

  • Super D Pest control uses treatment to protect your home year round

Super D Pest Control For Ultimate Fire Ant Control Services

We are number one in the pest control business specializing in the fight against fire ants. If left untreated, fire ants can severely damage your lawn, not to mention cause injury to your family and pets. If you are a home owner in Tampa Bay with fire ant problems in your yard, you need to have a regular lawn fertilizer and fire ant treatment plan in place. Call Super D Pest Control today at (727) 433-5310 for a free consultation on all your Tampa Bay pest control services needs or contact us online below. We look forward to serving you.

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