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A Quick Guide To Winter Landscaping Tips In Florida

Super D Pest Control, Sarasota, Winter Landscaping Tips

How Should You Prepare Your Florida Landscaping For The Winter?

In most of the United States, many home owners don't really have to worry about lawn care or landscaping in the winter. It all goes dormant and comes back in the Spring. However, for Florida homeowners, the story is a bit different. We have moderate temperatures all year round. So, learning healthy winter landscaping tips is not only critical to keeping your lawn green and vibrant, it is the best way to keep pests away from your home.

Best Winter Landscaping Tips

Here in Florida, preparation for a beautiful winter lawn starts by fertilizing the grass while it is still in its growing stage in the fall months of September through November. As a result, you are making the grass strong a super healthy just before the cooler weather begins to roll through.

There are some other winter landscaping tips you may want to consider in order to achieve a healthy pest free lawn.


Many home owners don't pay enough attention to their watering schedule in the winter and that is a mistake. Water absorption slows down in the winter. So, if you are watering at the same rate as in the summer, you will end up saturating the grass and pools of water where fungi and diseases can develop. Once fungi gets ahold of your lawn, it can be a frustrating and expensive process to get it back to normal.

Instead, water your lawn once every couple of weeks. This works for most homes here in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas.

Furthermore, when your lawn is overwatered, it prevents the grass from developing strong deep roots. When you force the grass to stretch it roots deep for water, it will continue to grow stronger year after year.


Cutting your lawn too short and too frequently during the winter months will actually stress out the plant. Plus, it will leave it susceptible to invasive insects such as cinch bugs and mole crickets. During the cooler months, it is best to mow your lawn only to remove debris and accumulated fungus. We recommend mowing once every four weeks or so.

Sprinkler Systems

The winter months are an ideal time to have a yearly service check up on your lawn's irrigation system to ensure it is working properly. That way, you will have no issues to deal with come spring time.

Let Super D Pest Control Provide Professional Winter Landscaping Tips And Care For Your Lawn And Shrubs

If you want to take the guesswork out of how to keep your lawn healthy, expert pest control companies such as Super D Pest Control can keep your lawn and landscaping in tip top shape all year long with a professional lawn fertilization service. We offer several affordable lawn care plans, which include spraying and maintaining your shrubs and small trees that surround your home. Shrubs, like your lawn, can be susceptible to invasive insects such as aphids, mealy bugs, caterpillars, beetles and more.

Super D Pest Control is a family owned, full service pest control company proudly serving the Tampa Bay and Sarasota region. We provide lawn care, termite treatment and a wide variety of pest control services for Florida homeowners. Call us today at (727) 433-5310 or connect with us on our website using the chat feature below. We look forward to keeping your lawn beautiful and green.


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