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How Come A Pest Control Company Provides A Lawn Fertilization Service?

Super D Pest Control, bradenton, FL, Lawn Fertilization Service
An unhealthy yard is a breeding ground for dangerous pests

Contrary to what you might think, lawn care and pest control complement each other. While you know Super D Pest Control provides expert service for treating and eliminating the pests that invade your home. Treating your lawn for dangerous pests is just as important to us. Some outdoor pests such as mosquitoes, fire ants and wasps can be dangerous to your family. However, other pests can damage plants, flowers and the lawn that you work hard to keep green and healthy. At Super D Pest Control we treat all sorts of pests, including the pests that invade your lawn. Therefore, it only makes sense that as long as we are treating your lawn for pests, we might as well take care of the lawn itself with a high quality lawn fertilization service.

Our Lawn Care And Lawn Fertilization Service

Insect Treatment

There are many types of insects that can destroy your lawn, which is why we offer a lawn care service to treat and eliminate many types of insects including cinch bugs, white flies, mole crickets, aphids and many more. We also offer annual fire ant treatments to eliminate fire ant colonies from your yard entirely. This treatment is performed once a year and will protect your yard for that year. It not only treats for fire ants, but can help eliminate fleas and ticks for several months after treatment.

Lawn Fertilization Service

If you want a lush and green lawn like you've always dreamed of, look no further than the experts at Super D Pest Control. We provide lawn fertilization service keep your yard looking healthy while protecting it from dangerous fungus and diseases. While we are providing our lawn care services, we will provide suggestions and how to keep your shrubs and plants looking green, pest free and healthy year round.

Trees And Shrubs

If you want to keep the trees on your property looking healthy, then the lawn care services we provide at Super D Pest Control may be the right choice for you. Our slow release fertilizers and tree injections provide the nutrients that may be missing in the soil. Your trees will not only survive, but thrive.

How Does A Lawn Fertilization Service Protect Against Pests And Insects?

Florida's warm temperate climate makes the state an ideal place to live and play for both humans and lawn destroying pests. However, the experienced staff at Super D Pest control is ready to defend your yard against fire ants, chinch bugs and more.

Our pest control team is experienced in the elimination of yard pests beyond just chinch bugs and ants. When you rely on Super D Pest Control for your lawn fertilizer service, you'll protect your lawn against a wide variety of destructive pests including:

  • Fire Ants

  • Chinch Bugs

  • Mole Crickets

  • Sod Webworms

  • Subterranean Termites

  • Cutworms

  • Weevils and Billbugs

  • Fleas

  • Ticks

Call Super D Pest Control For Lawn Fertilization Service And Get A Healthy Looking And Safer Lawn Today

When you rely on Super D Pest Control for your lawn fertilization service, your grass gets all the proper nutrients it needs to showcase a lush green and healthy appearance including zinc, boron and iron. A healthy lawn is naturally resistance to insects, disease and weeds. For information about our lawn care, fertilization, and lawn pest control services, contact Super D Pest Control at (727) 433-5310 to schedule a free consultation or use our contact form below.

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