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Is There A Florida Termite Swarm Season?

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, FL, Termite Swarm Season
Termite Swarm Season Affects Homeowners Each Year

There are certain pests that thrive in specific types of environments. Usually those environments are warm and humid. For Florida residents, that means we are combatting pests around our homes year round, including termites. Despite the cooler winters, termites are active all year round. However, there is a termite swarm season and it is important to take action before they become a threat and cause damage to your home.

When Is Termite Swarm Season?

When their current colony has become too expansive for their current environment, termites will break away and swarm in search of a new food source and shelter. Termites take flight when the weather becomes warm enough for them to go out in the open temporarily. This usually falls from late February to the end of April.

If you haven't seen a termite swarm before, look for small winged insects that look like ants around your yard. If you see them inside your house, it could mean that termites are looking to take up residence in your home or it may mean that they have already been living there undetected.

How To Protect Your Home From A Termite Swarm

With termites causing billions of structural damage each year, it is important to know what to do before it becomes a problem. There are a few things you can do to make your house less hospitable to termites. Here are some useful tips to termite proof your house.

Keep Firewood Away From Your House

Storing a wood pile against your home may be convenient. However, it will greatly increase the chances of inadvertently getting a termite infestation in your home. Instead, find a location at least 20 feet away from your home to store firewood.

Keep Moisture Levels Lower

Termites seek out moisture and water damaged wood. Make sure your siding is in good condition, your gutters are intact and clean, and that the sprinklers aren't spraying the walls of your home.

Repair Cracks And Holes

Termites will use any access points they can find in order to gain access to your home's structure. Be sure to seal off any cracks in plumbing, siding, roofing or foundation areas with caulk.

Move Mulch Away From The House

Plants love mulch. Unfortunately, so do termites. If you choose to use mulch as a growing medium, be sure to keep it away from the foundation of your house and siding.

Protect Your Home With A Professional Termite Inspection

If you want to be sure your home is safe from termites, contact Super D Pest control today for a termite swarm inspection. At Super D Pest Control, we know how important it is to protect your home from Florida's most destructive pests. We know termites inside and out. We can conduct a thorough wood destroying insect inspection of your home to locate any evidence of activity. For more information and to schedule an inspection call the termite swarm experts at Super D Pest Control at (727) 433-5310 today or contact us on our website below.

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