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Rodent Pest Control In The Winter

Super D Pest Control, Pinellas County, Florida, Rodent Pest Control
Rodent infestations statistically are on the rise during Florida's winters.

Why Rodent Infestations Are on the Rise in Florida This Winter

This winter, homeowners across Pinellas County, Florida are experiencing a concerning spike in rodent infestations in Tampa Bay. Rodent infestations pose serious health risks, so it is crucial for homeowners to understand the dangers and act quickly at the first signs of an infestation. Through preventative measures and swift response, Pinellas County residents can curb this seasonal threat. We will provide homeowners with the rodent pest control information they need to safeguard their homes this winter.

Rodent Infestations Spike in Florida During Winter Months

Super D Pest Control warns that rodent infestations surge in Florida during the cold winter months. As temperatures drop, rodents like rats and mice seek shelter indoors where food and warmth are plentiful.

  • Rats and mice enter homes and businesses through the tiniest cracks and crevices. They are known to chew through wood, drywall, wires, and insulation causing extensive property damage.

  • Rodents contaminate surfaces and food with urine and feces spreading dangerous diseases like Salmonella, Hantavirus, and Leptospirosis.

  • Pregnant female rodents can birth a new litter every 3 weeks. Just two breeding rodents can multiply into thousands within months.

  • Rodents are prolific breeders and difficult to fully eradicate without professional pest control. Over-the-counter poisons and traps only provide temporary relief at best.

Super D Pest Control uses advanced integrated pest management (IPM) techniques to identify entry points, set bait stations and remove all rodents from a property. We seal up cracks and crevices to prevent re-entry. Our rodent control programs provide lasting protection you can't achieve on your own.

Don't wait for an infestation. Contact Super D Pest Control today to schedule a thorough rodent inspection. We serve all of Pinellas County, Florida and guarantee 100% elimination of rodents for peace of mind this winter.

Dangers of Rodent Infestations in Your Home

Rodent infestations are unfortunately on the rise in Florida homes this winter. At Super D Pest Control, we want to make homeowners aware of the dangers rodents can pose if left unchecked.

  • Disease transmission - Rodents can carry and spread over 35 diseases through their urine, droppings, bites, or by contaminating surfaces and food. Diseases carried by rodents include Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Rat-bite Fever, Salmonella, and Lyme disease. An infestation greatly increases your family's risk of contracting one of these illnesses.

  • Structural damage - Rodents are very destructive, able to chew through wood, drywall, insulation, wiring, and more. They can cause fires by gnawing electrical wires. Extensive repairs are often needed after a rodent infestation.

  • Allergies and asthma - Rodent urine, saliva, and shed hair contain allergens. Exposure can cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma attacks. Infestations should especially be avoided by those susceptible to respiratory issues.

  • Property damage - Rodents contaminate and damage your possessions by chewing, urinating, leaving droppings, and building nests. They can ruin furniture, clothes, papers, and more.

Rodent infestations threaten your family's health and home. Don't wait - contact Super D Pest Control today to schedule a thorough inspection. Our rodent removal services use modern and humane techniques to eliminate infestations and prevent recurrence. We want to help protect your property from these dangerous pests.

SUper D Pest Control, Rodent Pest Control in Pinellas County, Floirida
Rodent infestations can do incredible damage to a Florida home.

How to Prevent and Eliminate Rodents This Winter With Professional Pest Control

Rodent infestations pose serious risks that should not be ignored. As licensed professionals with years of experience, we recommend homeowners take the following steps to protect their homes this winter:

  • Inspect your home for entry points rodents could use. Look for small holes along the foundation, under doors, and around pipes. Seal any openings larger than 1⁄4 inch with weather-resistant sealant. Installing door sweeps and screens can also help close off access.

  • Remove brush, leaf litter, woodpiles, and other clutter near your home’s exterior. This eliminates shelter and food sources that attract rodents. Keeping your yard tidy can discourage them from settling near your property.

  • Store all food securely in sealed metal or glass containers, rather than plastic bags or cardboard boxes. Promptly clean up any spills or crumbs. Access to food will draw rodents inside faster than any cockroach.

  • Consider having a professional pest control company inspect your home and install preventative measures if rodent activity is noticed. Early intervention can stop an infestation before it escalates into a larger issue. We use the latest techniques and products for effective, lasting rodent control.

Rodent problems will only worsen in cold weather as these pests seek shelter indoors. Don’t wait until you spot them running across your floors. Take proactive steps now to defend your home against destructive rodent invaders. Our team of experts can customize a solution to target them and keep them out for good.

When You Need Effective Rodent Pest Control This Winter, Call Super D Pest Control

Rodent infestations can threaten homes and health in Pinellas County during the winter. With ample food and shelter drawing rodents indoors, residents must remain vigilant. Working proactively with Super D Pest Control on preventative rodent pest control measures provides the expertise and solutions needed to keep rodents out. Call Super D Pest Control at (727) 433-5310 or click the "Let's Chat" tab below today and schedule a consultation. The time is now to implement preventative measures and protect your family.

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