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Six Yard Maintenance Tips To Keep Pests Away From Your House

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, FL, Yard Maintenance Tips
Easy Yard Maintenance Tips To Keep A Healthy Lawn

Keep Up With These Florida Yard Maintenance Tips To Help Keep A Pest Free Home

The Florida Summers bring with it lots of sun, heat and time to enjoy your home's lawn. However, as many home owners know, it also brings with it lots of pesky insects. However, not to fear. At Super D Pest Control, we have six easy yard maintenance tips you can act on today to keep you lawn healthy and pests at bay.

Yard Maintenance Tips For A Healthy Lawn

Keep It Clean

In the summer, it is not uncommon for your yard to collect a lot of debris due to the many thunderstorms we have in the Tampa Bay area during the summer. Bugs and pests use this debris to make their home. So, be sure to remove any dead branches, leaves and other debris before pests can make it theirs. Consider gently raking up any leaves and throw away any large chunks of debris that might attract unwelcome insects.

Stay On Top Of Trimming Your Bushes

When your grass is too long, it will attract pests. Your bushes and trees are the same way. When shrubbery is left unattended, it can become unruly enough for harmful insects to make it their home, especially wasps and hornets, which may make you less likely to trim you bushes. However, when you keep your bushes and garden beds well trimmed on a regular basis, insects don't have time to make a home there. It may sound like a large project, but if you treat shrubs like you do your lawn and do a little more frequently, it actually becomes much easier over time.

Stay On Top Of Your Lawn

As mentioned above, harmful pests love to hide in long grass, especially chinch bugs. Keeping your lawn short is a great way to keep these pests away from your home entirely. The best way to maintain your lawn is a little bit at a time and frequently. Grass grows fast here in Tampa Bay, especially after a good rain. Making sure to keep your lawn trimmed regularly won't give fleas, ticks and cinch bugs time to find a home there.

Water Your Lawn

When you lawn doesn't get enough water, it invites harmful wildlife and pests to move in. However, be careful. Watering your lawn doesn't mean to soak it. Overwatering your lawn can not only kill the grass, it can create pools of water ideal enough for breeding mosquitoes. Just be sure to give your yard and flower beds the water they need. If your area seems particularly dry during certain times of the year, consider investing in a sprinkler system that can evenly distribute water across the lawn when it is needed.

Dethatch Your Lawn

Here in Tampa Bay, lawn grubs can be a common and unwelcome pest that can destroy your grass. Once you get them, they are next to impossible to get rid of unless you hire a professional pest control company or use toxic pesticides. The best way to deal with these pests is preventing them from coming around in the first place. The best prevention method is to aerate your lawn and keep the thatch down to a minimum. Learn how to dethatch your lawn and be sure to fertilize your lawn with nitrogen once a year in the fall.

Invest In Pest Control Services

If you find that your efforts just aren't working to keep pests at bay, you may consider hiring a professional pest control company, such as Super D Pest Control to keep your lawn looking its best. There are many over the counter pest control products available. However, they may not be the right products for your particular yard. Letting a professional get to the root of your pest problem can help provide a clear picture of what is actually needed for your property.

Yard Maintenance Is Easy When You Take Action

Don't wait until there is a problem with pests before you take action. The best way to keep unwelcome pests away from your home is prevention. Regular maintenance of your lawn and landscaping using these easy yard maintenance tips will help harmful insects find a home somewhere else. Call Super D Pest Control for an added layer of protection and expert pest control services. Our lawn experts can keep your grass well fertilized and pest free for a beautiful Florida lawn. Call us today at (727) 433-5310 oir contact us on our website below and schedule a free estimate today.

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