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Watch Out For These Florida Winter Pests

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, FL, Florida Winter Pests

Florida Winter Pests Can Be As Big A Nuisance As Summer Pests

Florida is known for its beautiful weather, especially during the winter months when it starts to cool down. When the weather starts to cool, some of those heat loving pests start to look for warmer places to hide - which usually means in your home. This is referred to as ‘overwintering’; when insects/pests seek hibernation, looking for warmth in the winter months. Some common Florida winter pests include cockroaches, rodents, silverfish and ticks.

Most Common Florida Winter Pests


Cockroaches are cold blooded pests who crave warmth for their body temperature causing them to find their way indoors during the colder months. Making home in your home. During the colder season, it means holidays, which usually welcomes more parties at home. The more food at home, sitting out on counters, crumbs on floors will attract these pests giving them something to feed on.


Rodents do not hibernate in the winter but they will still make their way into your home looking for warmth and more food during the colder months. Since they do not hibernate they will continue to live their normal lives but this time in your home. Rodents chew on things to help file down their teeth (which continuously grow) like wires, cords, wood etc. inside of your home. Just like cockroaches they are looking for your leftover food, crumbs etc. Rodents carry bacteria and parasites making it very easy to spread disease. If you see a rodent in your home, call Super D Pest control right away to rid the problem before it gets worse.


Silverfish are not dangerous to your health but can make their way into your homes and can cause damage to personal items. They love moist, damp areas and are usually found in bathrooms and kitchens. They make their way chewing into your personal items like photos, books, documents and will hang out in your cabinets.


It is common for plant owners to bring their plants inside during the colder season which can bring ticks into your home (they can also hitch a ride on your pet into your home all year round). Ticks carry a lot of disease causing harm to humans and pets if left untreated. Before bringing plants indoors for the winter season, scan them for bugs and other pests. Ticks are often introduced onto your property by wildlife, so ensuring your home is free of debris can help remove the desire for ticks to visit.

Contact Super D Pest Control For Florida Winter Pest Removal

Our effective and proven pest prevention service at Super D Pest Control is a five-step process that is designed to keep your home pest free year round:

  1. An initial thorough inspection is performed inside and outside your home.

  2. Eliminate your existing pest problem.

  3. Identification of existing issues, potential problem areas and customize a prevention plan.

  4. Inspect and seal off all possible entry points on each service visit.

  5. Targeted pest prevention treatments to all areas outside your home.

At Super D Pest Control our extermination process is fast, effective and affordable. We believe very strongly in the pest control services we provide to residents and businesses in Pinellas County and Manatee County. We offer the very best service in the area. If you are having a problem with Florida winter pests, call us today for a Free Consultation at (727) 433-5310 or book an appointment through our website here.

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