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What Do I Need To Know About Florida Termites?

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, FL, Florida Termites
Florida termites cause millions of dollars in home damage every year. Super D Pest Control can help.

The Most Destructive Insect: Florida Termites

Florida is home to a booming Termite population due to its sub-tropical climate and densely populated areas. It, therefore, can breed and infest earlier and longer than other parts of the country. Seeing one Termite may not be alarming, but where there is one, there may be many, many more. Florida termites populate over months forming colonies of millions of workers or swarms, making controlling these destructive pests a tough job. In Florida, Termite Control and the property damage Termites cause account for millions of dollars in home costs every year.

So how do you identify the termites in your home? The wood munching insect is often confused with flying ants, but the damage and debris left behind are critical in determining the difference. The three most common types of Termites are Subterranean Termites, Drywood termites, and the Dampwood termites. The Subterranean species is the most destructive wood-destroying insect in Florida.

5 Signs That You Need a Florida Termite Control Plan

Termites are attracted to wood and moisture. They use their saw-like jaws to eat and cut through wood, cellulose and even asphalt! Because Termites never stop eating, eventually, you will notice them. Depending on the type of Termite invading your home, you can identify a termite infestation by the following:

  • Visible mud tubes around the exterior of your home. Mud tubes look like tunnels made from dirt and wood material.

  • Wood material around your home appears soft or changed. Tapping the wood will sound hollow.

  • Wood appearance is darkening or blistering.

  • Paint on your home’s walls is uneven and bubbling.

  • Discarded Termite wings near windows or doors, which indicates a home infestation.

Don't Let Florida Termites Destroy Your Home

Are you overwhelmed by Termites invading your home? Florida homes are highly vulnerable to Termites, and the experts at Super D Pest Control can help you get rid of them for good and get your home back!

Call us today at (727) 433-5310 or contact us through the website below for a free home inspection as part of our Termite Control prevention and removal process. We are dedicated to keeping your home safe from pests and are ready to help.

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