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What is the German Cockroach, and Why is it the Most Feared?

The German Cockroach can be extremely difficult to get rid of because of its fierce resistance to destruction.
Super D Pest Control German Cockroach Extermination

The German Cockroach Is Florida's Worst Roach Pest

The German Cockroach is a domestic pest threat. It is also known as the Palmetto Bug in Florida and is one of the three more common roaches living in Florida and the United States; the American Cockroach and the Asian Cockroach. These other species are usually found outdoors in trees, woodpiles, mulch, and garbage dumpsters, while the German Cockroach makes it bunker indoors in dark, humid environments where there is food and water. Homes, restaurants, office buildings, and hotels, anyplace where humans exist, are bull's eyes for the German Cockroach.

The German Cockroach can be extremely difficult to get rid of because of its fierce resistance to destruction. The German Cockroach spreads antibiotic-resistant bacteria through their skins and poisonous droppings and can also cause allergic asthmatic reactions in people with sensitivities. The German Cockroach multiplies faster than any other roach, laying 40 eggs at a time every six weeks. Their goal is to build an invasive army.

4 Signs of a German Cockroach Infestation

  1. Cockroach Droppings – Cockroaches deposit dark droppings that look like ground coffee or black pepper

  2. Smear Marks – In moist areas, cockroaches will leave behind brown irregular marks as they crawl along walls, cabinets and sinks, etc.

  3. Egg Casings – The female German Cockroach carries her eggs until ready to hatch and then leaves the casing on surfaces to act as glue.

  4. Unpleasant Odor – The Cockroach's feces or droppings give off a musty odor that attracts other roaches to that area. As the infestation grows, so does the smell.

If you see one or three German Cockroaches, you may have hundreds more hiding about your home or office.

When It Comes To German Cockroaches, Execute a "Don't Go it Alone Action Plan."

Sanitation, along with food and water elimination are the first lines of defense upon a German Cockroach sighting. Then, call a professional exterminator like Super D Pest Control.

We use an Integrative or multi-Point strategy to remove the German Cockroach. Our pest control system consists of roach traps or tape, gel bait, and insecticidal dust, along with granular bait around the exterior of your home and near walkways.

Schedule an appointment with Super D Pest Control immediately upon suspicion of any cockroach intruder. We are prepared to respond to any questions regarding safety, scheduling, and pricing plans. ​Call us at (727) 433-5310 or contact us on the website below to get started today.

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