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What Types Of Wasps Are Those In My Yard?

Super D Pest Control, Tampa Bay, Types of Wasps

The wasp is the most critical member of the stinging insect family. Most Florida wasps are social insects, meaning that they build and defend their nests in colonies or large groups. The Yellowjacket and Paper Wasps are two common types of wasps found around your Florida yard and home. Paper Wasps make their nests in trees, under eaves, in open garages, on porches, and other places that provide protection and are close to food and water. They are generally not interested in humans and therefore do not pose a severe threat unless provoked.

The more aggressive Yellowjacket Wasps tend to build their nests in the ground, such as gardens, lawns, and flower beds. Because of their aggressive behavior and multiple sting capabilities, they are considered aggressive and potentially dangerous. Developing a detailed Wasp Control plan is the next step toward a safe and wasp-free yard and home.

How Do I Find A Wasp Nest?

Yellow Jacket Wasps and Paper Wasps build paper-like nests from chewed plant material or wood pulp mixed with saliva. This material can come from fences and wood decks. The Paper Wasp nest is easily visible, appearing as a grayish paper honeycomb. The Yellowjacket nest is also a grayish structure, solid, with only one opening for the wasp to enter and leave. While the Yellowjacket nest is often in the ground, it can be dangerously hard to recognize. If you suspect any types of wasps in your yard, the yard will need to be thoroughly inspected by a wasp control expert.

Commonly Asked Questions About Types Of Wasps:

Can Wasps Sting More than Once?

Yes. Because wasps don't lose their stinger with their sting, they can sting multiple people multiple times over their lifetime.

What Do Wasps Eat?

Wasps love most other insects, fruit, nectar, human food, flowering plants, and trees.

How Long Do Wasps Live?

The typical wasp workers live for 12-22 days and the average lifespan of the queen is about one year. In the winter, all wasps die off except for the queen which will hide deep under ground or tightly underneath tree bark.

Wasps can be extremely aggressive and will attack humans if they feel their nest is threatened. If you need a wasp nest removed, it is best handled by a wasp control professional from Super D Pest Control. If you suspect a wasp problem on our property, contact one of our wasp control experts immediately.

We Remove All Types Of Wasps Safely

The local experts at Super D Pest Control are here to help! We are available to discuss our Wasp Control safety protocols and pricing plans for all your pest control needs and we guarantee that our expert pest control technicians will be able to remove all wasp nests on your home.

At the time of service, we can discuss other treatment options including a maintenance plan that not only keeps away wasps, but also treats for fire ants, fleas and ticks, cockroaches and other pests. If you have a problem with wasps, please give us a call today at (727) 433-5310 to schedule an inspection or contact us using the form below. We look forward to serving you.

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