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Basic Mosquito Prevention Tips

Super D pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Mosquito Prevention

These Mosquito Prevention Strategies Can Help Keep Your Summer Free Of These Annoying Pests

There is so much about summer that we love! Warm summer days, longer nights and especially being able to hit the beach are all reasons summer in Florida is the place to be. However, summer also brings in the mosquitoes and no one enjoys that. Not only are mosquitoes known for their itchy bites, but they can also spread dangerous disease, such as the Zika Virus and others. That being said, here are some easy mosquito prevention tips you can practice to keep these tiny pests from crashing your party.

Mosquito Prevention 101

Strategically Place Outdoor Lighting

If you are able to set up lighting so it sits a distance away from the house, you can actually draw mosquitoes and other insects away from common areas of the home.

Use Fans

As nasty as mosquitoes are, they are terribly weak flyers. A small portable fan positioned near you and low to the ground can keep them away and from biting you.

Get Rid Of Any Standing Water

This is probably the most important and easiest mosquito prevention technique you can execute. Did you know that mosquitoes only need about 1/4" of water to breed. Pet bowls, birdbaths, plant saucers and rain barrels can all be sources of standing water that attract mosquitoes. Be sure to walk around the perimeter of your property to remove or empty any items containing standing water.

Additionally, check and clean your gutters. Standing water can quickly build up in gutters that are clogged with leaves and have poor drainage.

Super D pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Mosquito Prevention Techniques
Did you know mosquitoes only need 1/4" of water to breed? Be sure to remove all sources of stagnant water from around your home.

Grow Specific Herbs

If you consider yourself to have a green thumb, you're in luck. There are several herbs you can grow that mosquitoes absolutely hate. Consider planting mint, lavender, basil or lemon balm around common areas. Basil in particular is toxic to mosquitoes. Be sure to plant a lot of it.

Install Mosquito Netting

If your backyard porch area is not screened, consider hanging mosquito netting around sitting areas. If you can find some that are pretreated with insecticide, even better.

For Ultimate Protection, Call The Mosquito Control Experts At Super D Pest Control

These mosquito prevention tricks should help reduce the number of biting pests you see around your home. However, these do it yourself strategies won't eliminate the problem entirely. For truly ultimate mosquito control, call Super D Pest Control. Our home treatment options can eliminate 75% to 90% of mosquitoes. Give us a call at (727) 433-5310 for a free consultation or use the "Let's Chat" option on our website below. We can determine what is the best option to protect you and your family.


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