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Do-It-Yourself Summer Pest Control Tips

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Summer Pest Control Tips
Keeping your kitchen excessively clean can eliminate most bug infestations.

Top Five Do It Yourself Summer Pest Control Tips

Summer in Florida is a time for sunshine, relaxation, and unfortunately, pesky critters trying to invade your home. As a homeowner, dealing with pests can be a real nuisance, but fear not! By following these five simple do-it-yourself summer pest control tips, you can keep your home bug-free and enjoy a peaceful summer season.

How Do I Keep Bugs Away During The Summer?

1. Seal Entry Points

One of the most effective ways to prevent pests from infiltrating your home is by sealing off their entry points. Inspect your doors, windows, and any cracks or crevices in your walls. Use silicone caulk to seal any gaps and prevent unwanted guests from sneaking in. Remember, pests can enter through even the tiniest of openings, so be thorough in your inspection.

2. Maintain Your Yard

A well-maintained yard can act as a natural barrier against pests. Keep your grass mowed, trim bushes and trees away from the house, and remove any debris or clutter that may attract bugs. Pest-repelling plants such as lavender, mint, or marigolds can also deter insects from entering your property. Lastly, a lawn fertilization service can go a long way to prevent pests from the home.

3. Remove Standing Water

Did you know mosquitoes only need 1/4" of water to lay eggs? Mosquitoes and other insects breed in standing water, making it essential to eliminate any stagnant water sources around your home. Check for clogged gutters, birdbaths, flower pots, and any other areas where water may collect. By removing these breeding grounds, you can significantly reduce the mosquito population around your property.

4. Keep the Home Clean

A clean home is less appealing to pests, so make sure to maintain good hygiene practices. Store food in airtight containers, clean up crumbs and spills promptly, and take out the garbage regularly. Pay special attention to areas like the kitchen and bathroom, as these are common entry points for pests looking for food and water.

5. Check Luggage for Bed Bugs When Traveling

Summer is a popular time for travel, but it's essential to be vigilant when it comes to bed bugs. These elusive pests can hitch a ride in your luggage and infest your home. Before unpacking after a trip, inspect your luggage and clothing for any signs of bed bugs, such as small reddish-brown stains or shed skins. Wash your clothes in hot water and vacuum your luggage thoroughly to prevent any unwanted stowaways. Bed bugs are nearly impossible to get rid of on your own and professional bed bug treatment can be costly. So, we can't emphasize enough the importance of preventative measures.

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Summer Pest Control Sealing and Caulking
Sealing up entry points can prevent many bugs from getting in the home.

Call Super D Pest Control For A Professional Summer Pest Control Plan And To Keep Your Home Free Of Bugs All Year Long

By incorporating these five do-it-yourself pest control tips into your summer routine, you can protect your home from unwanted intruders and enjoy a pest-free living environment. Remember, prevention is key when it comes to pest control, so be proactive in implementing these measures to keep your home safe and comfortable throughout the summer months. If you suspect a problem with bugs in your home, call Super D Pest Control today for a no hassle free consultation at (727) 433-5310 or click the "Let's Chat" tab below to connect with us online.

Stay ahead of pests and enjoy a worry-free summer season!


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