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National Be Nice To Bugs Day

Super D Pest Control, Tampa Bay, National Be Nice To Bugs Day
Ladybugs are critical to a garden's health

July 14th Is National Be Nice To Bugs Day!

National Be Nice To Bugs Day occurs every year on July 14th. The day was designed as a way to bring awareness to the beneficial qualities of insects and arachnids. Many insects benefit humans and this special day helps with their unnecessary killing. It's not uncommon for people to simply squish a bug for no reason at all. However, insects are a major part of our ecosystem. While a spider may look frightening, they have no interest in biting you. In fact, they are incredibly beneficial in getting rid of pests that are dangerous to humans, such as roaches, flies and mosquitoes. If you just let them be, bugs won't hurt you. The next time you catch a wasp in your home, encourage it to go through an open window instead of going for the bug spray. Wasps are beneficial to people too, especially those with gardens.

What Are Some Common Bugs In Florida That Benefit Humans?

As one of Tampa Bay's best pest control companies, we spend a lot of time telling you how to get rid of insects. However, today we want to take some time to tell you about bugs that you should keep around. Of course, the list below doesn't include all bugs that can benefit people. Thus, we have compiled a short list of common insects that can either help a garden grow or work to eliminate harmful pests from your yard.


At the top of the list of helpful insects are bees. In fact, they are critical to the survival of the human species. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating most everything that grows, including our crops. Without bees, there would be no fruits and vegetables to eat. Their honey is also used for food, medicine and beauty products throughout the world.


If you have a garden, then you probably are aware that ladybugs can be hugely beneficial. These colorful small beetles are responsible for devouring aphids, mites, lice and other pests that can be harmful to humans and plants. Keeping ladybugs around will definitely help your plants. Unfortunately, due to pollution and climate change, their populations have seen a sharp decrease of the years.


Dragonflies aren't just pretty to look at. They are effective predators of harmful insects as well. A single dragonfly can eat 30 to 100 mosquitoes a day. They are also known to eat disease carrying houseflies, fruit flies, moths and a host of other insects. To attract more dragonflies to your yard, try planting milkweed.

Super D Pest Control,  National Be Nice To Bugs Day
Dragonflies are effective mosquito predators


Butterflies are beautiful and graceful. They are beneficial to humans as well. Like bees, they are effective pollinators and encourage plant growth. If you want to encourage more butterflies to your home consider planting a butterfly garden.


Spiders may get a bad rap from horror movies, but you'll want to think twice before you squish that eight legged critter in your bathroom. When it comes to pest control, spiders are one of nature's most effective assassins. Spiders regularly feed on harmful pests to humans including mosquitoes, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas and moths. A single spider can consume over 2,000 pests per year.

Learn About Insects On National Be Nice To Bugs Day And Call Super D Pest Control To Take Care Of Bugs That Aren't Nice To You

Supporting local wildlife while attracting insects that can benefit your garden and provide natural pest control can work in harmony with a professional pest control maintenance plan from Super D Pest Control. We have been providing effective pest control services that keep homeowners safe for years throughout the Tampa Bay communities. Celebrate National Be Nice To Bugs Day and use the contact form below or call us today at (727) 433-5310 to schedule a free consultation today.


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