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Learn More About Our No Tent Termite Treatment

No Tent Termite Treatment | Super D Pest Control | Bradenton

Easy No Tent Termite Treatment In Tampa Bay

Here at Super D Pest Control, one of the services that makes us different is our emphasis on a no tent termite treatment when it comes to eliminating drywood termites from your home. Learn more about the inspection and treatment process below.

Process For Termite Inspections

When you call Super D Pest Control for a termite inspection, we will get you scheduled with an estimated two hour window to work with. Upon arrival at your home, our termite experts will provide a thorough inspection for the presence of termites. If evidence is discovered that termites are present, we will be able to tell you the species that we are dealing with.

If subterranean termite activity is discovered, we will recommend either installing a bait system or a liquid trench treatment. In some cases, we may suggest both might be required depending on the extent of the infestation.

If we detect drywood termites in your home, we will often recommend a no tent termite treatment. If caught early enough, a tentless treatment option is sufficient. If we discover several large termite colonies and extensive damage, a tented fumigation process may be the only way to eliminate them from your home.

We have used Super D for regular pest control for the past year and couldn't be happier with that decision! Their staff is excellent, they are polite, helpful and quick to respond to questions or concerns. I highly recommend Super D!

No Tent Termite Treatment | Super D Pest Control
If caught early, most termite colonies can be eliminated without tenting the house.

How Does The No Tent Termite Treatment Process Work?

If drywood termites are discovered and one has chosen the no tent termite treatment option, one of our termite control experts will schedule a follow up visit a few days later after the inspection. Upon arrival, our technician will double check and confirm the presence of a live termite colony.

Once confirmed, we will treat the wood areas of the attic with a liquid borate solution. The liquid borate absorbs into the wood and kills the termites it comes into contact with. The technician will then inject a foam termiticide into any walls, window frames, door frame or any other areas of the home identified as having the presence of drywood termites, which includes evidence of frass, kick out holes or fresh wood damages.

In some cases, drywood termites can colonize inside kitchen cabinetry. In these cases, we will inject a dust borne termiticide directly into the colony. The wood used in kitchen cabinets can often be sensitive to foam based products. So, we use dust over the foam to avoid further damage.

Lastly, we will treat all areas with a preventative treatment product on the exterior areas of the home.

Why Should I Get A No Tent Termite Treatment?

There are several reasons to consider a no tent treatment for eliminating termites from your home. Most of all, it is convenient. However, here are some other reasons to think about:

  • Food and medication is safe

  • You don't have to pay for a hotel or leave your home

  • Safe for pets

  • Avoid damage to your roof

  • Avoid damage or having to remove antennae, satelite dishes, exterior lights or security cameras

  • You don't have to trim trees and shrubs

  • Cheaper than the cost of tenting your house

Call Super D Pest Control For A Free Quote On A No Tent Termite Treatment

At Super D Pest Control, our complete no tent termite treatment includes a one year warranty. If any new colonies show up during that time, we will gladly return and retreat the infested areas at no additional cost. Furthermore, the warranty can be renewed each year to ensure your home remains termite free.

In addition to fighting the many types of pests Florida has to infest our homes, we are your termite control experts. Let us prove our professionalism and expertise. Call us today at (727) 433-5310 today or use the "Let's Chat" feature to connect with us online.

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