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The Key To Beautiful Florida Turf

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Florida Turf Aeration

The Best Way To Build Dense, Lush Florida Turf Is With Lawn Aeration

Even though Florida doesn't experience the same kind of harsh winters like the rest of the country, our Florida turf still goes through its winter dormancy period. Likewise, as our warm weather grasses transition from their dormancy period to Spring, they shed a lot of their existing root system. With Spring just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about lawn aeration to build a thick lush yard.

Aeration of the lawn in the Spring time allows the grass to develop strong roots. The process maximizes the flow of water, nutrients and much needed oxygen to the roots in order to build thick growth.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

During the aeration process plugs of roots and thatch are removed from the lawn. Thatch is a layer of decomposing organic material that can actually block the growth of grass and trap unwanted lawn destroying pests beneath the soil. By removing the thatch, oxygen, water and fertilizer can easily penetrate the ground and feed the roots. It also softens the earth making your lawn not so hard to walk on.

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Florida Turf Aeration Process
Florida Turf Aeration Process

How Does Aeration Work To Build Lush Florida Turf?

The process of aeration works by using a machine to remove hundreds or thousands of plugs from the soil depending on the size of your yard. The plugs are left behind on top of the grass. The plugs then start to break down and mix with the thatch, which speeds up the natural decomposition process of the3 thatch itself. Furthermore, the holes left by the plugs allows water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. Thus, promoting fast growth.

The roots of the grass grow towards these holes, making the roots deeper and stronger. The holes allow the ground soil to expand and breathe, which leaves room for the roots to expand and grow deeper with it. As a result, you end up with thick and lush Florida turf.

When Is The Best Time To Aerate Florida Turf?

Florida turf grasses such as Saint Augustine and Bermuda grass, should ideally be aerated in early Spring. With proper lawn fertilizer service, aeration will help nourish the roots and build a beautiful lawn that can sustain Florida's long hot summers.

Immediately after aeration, the lawn will be populated with several holes along with the plugs that were pulled out. It is important to leave the yard asa is for a while. About 7 to 10 days later, the holes in the yard will be filled with white roots.

Lawns that are growing in poor soil may need a second treatment throughout the year. However, along with a regular lawn maintenance plan, you will notice the results of aeration making the lawn healthier along with fewer pests.

Call Super D Pest Control For Your Florida Turf Aeration Service Today

Don't wait until there is a problem with pests before you take action. The best way to keep unwelcome pests away from your home is prevention. If you are ready to get your lawn aerated, now is the time. Call Super D Pest Control for an added layer of protection and expert pest control services. Our lawn experts can keep your grass well fertilized and pest free for a beautiful Florida lawn. Call us today at (727) 433-5310 oir contact us on our website below and schedule a free estimate today.


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