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It's National Mosquito Control Awareness Week!

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, National Mosquito Control Awareness Week

National Mosquito Control Awareness Week Is June 20th Through June 26th, 2023

National Mosquito Control Awareness Week starts on June 20 and runs through June 26 each year. The event has become synonymous with many of the dangerous diseases that mosquitoes are known to spread. For example, dengue fever still exists in many developing nations because local governments fail to take appropriate action to fight the spread of the disease.

Next week is the time to learn all about mosquitoes by participating in National Mosquito Control Awareness Week. It is also a great time to share your knowledge with your children as well!

History Of National Mosquito Control Awareness Week

Don't let their small size fool you. Over the last few decades, mosquitoes have contributed to the deaths of millions of human beings. In fact, they are considered to be the most dangerous animal to humans on earth.

As a result, these tiny pests have become incredibly feared over the years. Their itchy bites are connected to the spread of several dangerous diseases including Zika, malaria and dengue fever just to name a few. Additionally, they can also transmit diseases to dogs and horses including heart worms, West Nile Virus and equine encephalitis.

Many local and state governments here in the United States began taking action to eliminate mosquitoes from their communities. Furthermore, a group of mosquito control experts soon banded together to form the National Mosquito Extermination Society. National Mosquito Control Awareness Week was born.

Did you know, only female mosquitoes bite? The blood helps to nourish the eggs. Male mosquitoes feed on nectar.

How To Observe National Mosquito Control Awareness Week

Learn About Diseases Spread By Mosquitoes

There are several diseases spread by mosquitoes. Scientists are consistently learning about new ones! Observe National Mosquito Control Awareness Week by learning more about what kinds of diseases can be spread by mosquitoes.

Teach Our Kids

Kids love to learn, especially about creepy crawly critters. This is the perfect week to sit them down and explain why mosquitoes should be avoided. Make sure they understand basic mosquito prevention techniques. Lastly, teach them the reason we apply bug repellant before we spend time outside here in Florida.


The best way to observe this event is to ensure mosquitoes are eliminated from your yard and community. Contact your local pest control expert such as Super D Pest Control to treat your home. This is key to keeping mosquitoes from biting your kids and reduces the risk of spreading disease.

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Mosquito Control Awareness Week
Education is the best prevention from mosquito borne diseases.

Mosquito Control From Super D Pest Control

Our mosquito control treatments can eliminate 75% to 90% of mosquitoes around your home. It's the perfect way to kick off summer in observance of National Mosquito Control Awareness Week. Use the contact form below or call us today at (727) 433-5310 so we can determine what the best option is to protect your property and your family.


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