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Useful Tips For Tick Prevention And Tick Protection

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Tick Prevention
Did you know, ticks can live up to 200 days without any food or water?

Tick Prevention Is The Best Way To Stay Safe From These Harmful Pests

Up north, many will often come across ticks in the hot summer months. However, here in Florida's temperate climate, tick infestations are a problem all year long, especially in the winter. It is important to be aware of what you can do in the way of tick prevention in order to keep pets and your family safe.

There are several diseases that ticks can transmit in Florida. Most notably is Lyme Disease. However, don't panic just yet. Ticks actually have to feed for several hours in order to transmit any kind of disease. Luckily, ticks are easy to identify and remove before they become a problem. That being said, if you are bitten and develop a headache and fever afterwards, it is important to see your doctor right away.

What Is The Best Tick Prevention In Florida?

Unfortunately, ticks get on our pets more than humans. If you happen to live in a rural area in Florida, be sure to check your pets daily for the presence of any ticks. If you see one, you can remove it with a pair of tweezers. Simply grasp the tick as close to the skin's surface as possible and pull it straight out with even pressure.

If you spend a lot of time in the woods or any kind of field with tall grasses, be sure to keep clothing buttoned up tight. Tuck in shirts and tuck in pants into your boots. It actually helps to wear light colored clothing too in order to easily spot ticks before they are able to deliver a bite.

Super D Pest Control, Bradenton, Florida, Tick Protection
Ticks can spread multiple diseases at once

Be sure to alway wear repellant on areas of skin that are exposed and don't touch plants in areas where a large presence of ticks may be living.

Ticks don't just live in wooded areas. So, be sure to landscape your home for a tick free property. Cut back any landscaping that has become overgrown. Clear brush from pathways and keep common outdoor areas clean and clear. Also, while ticks are not necessarily active during the winter, they can sometimes make their home in potted plants. Be careful about moving plants indoors on cold nights. You might accidentally move the ticks indoors too.

To Keep Your Home And Yard Pest Free, Call The Pest Control Experts At Super D Pest Control

At Super D Pest Control, we've been tackling Florida's nastiest pest problems including roaches, fire ants and rodents just to name a few of our pest control services. For help with ticks and fleas or any other pest problem, call Super D Pest Control today at (727) 433-5310 or reach out to us on our website using the chat feature below. We look forward to serving you.


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